assaf gleizner
assaf gleizner
assaf gleizner

Assaf was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 2007, Gleizner moved to the United States, where he received a scholarship to earn his BMus in jazz performance at SUNY Purchase. There, he studied with the jazz greats Charles Blenzieg, Hal Galper, Todd Coolman, Pete Malenverny, Jimmy Green, Kenny Washington, David Hazeltine, Arturo O’Ferril and Jon Faddis.

Assaf has since played in a number of venues throughout the tri-state such as Smalls Jazz Club, Dizzy’s Coca Cola Club and Birdland, along with many others.

As a sideman, he performed and toured throughout Western New York and Canada, playing and arranging for the award winning singer Cyrille Aimee. Together, they were guest artists for the company: “Les 7 doigts de la main”, a Montreal based circus troupe.

As a Musical Director, Assaf worked with Fordham University’s Theater club: “Splinter Group”. The group had performed 3 original revues and one original full length Musical titled: 1998 Degrees. In 2011, the cast of 1998 Degrees had recorded an album with all the songs in the show. In 2010, Assaf joined the Stage Left Children’s Theater Team as the Musical director.

Most recently, Assaf has formed the group Trio Shalva with fellow Israeli musicians Nadav Snir-Zelniker and Koby Hayon. Here, he fuses his heritage with his vast musical training by performing classic Israeli songs, as well as his own compositions in a Jazz setting. These combine two of the many facets of Gleizner's musicality: a cultural legacy along with his malleable and innovative jazz technique. This trio released their debut album Riding Alone on January 1st, 2011.

shmack attack

The Shmack Attack

Based at SUNY Purchase band members, The Shmack Attack rearranges popular Funk, Soul and R&B songs.

The band members are
Vocals: Cyrille Aimée, Matt Simons
Trumpet: Wayne Tucker
Alto Sax: Bill Todd
Tenor Sax: Matt Simons
Keys: Assaf Glizner
Guitar: Tom Larsen
Bass: Nate Allen, Mike Forzano
Drums: Anthony Thornton

• Cosmic Girl
• Don't You Worry About a Thing
• Play That Funky Music

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1998 Degrees

1998 Degrees

"1998 DEGREES: The Musical" is the story of HALE-BOPP, a fictional 90's pop band that must learn to pull together after a malicious rumor throws them out of orbit! Featuring new arrangements of 90's pop music performed by a live band and a stellar cast.

Book by Kimberly Hawkey & Justine Rella
Musical Arrangements by Assaf Glizner

Performed at Fordham University Lincoln Center
November 7th & 8th, 2009


• Baby When the Lights
• Give Me One Reason
• MMBop
• Waiting For Tonight

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Trio Shalva

Trio Shalva

Born and raised in Israel, each of the musicians eventually found themselves in the heart of New York, where they spent years developing their individual style and technique.

In 2009, Assaf Gleizner (Piano, Melodica), Koby Hayon ( Bass, Acoustic Guitar , Oud), andNadav Snir-Zelniker (Drums, Percussion) came together for their first gig, in which they performed original compositions and arrangements of traditional Israeli repertoire. It only took one show for them to understand the serendipitous connection that was underway. In result, the three musicians moved forward as Trio Shalva, choosing the name for its representation of the Hebrew word for “serenity”.

Trio Shalva has shared their music at renowned venues such as The Belleayre Music Festival in Highmount, NY, Westchester Arts Council, The Westchester Conservatory, State University of New York, Purchase, synagogues, community centers, non-profits and various venues in New York City.


Listen to samples from the CD:
• Shir Ahava Bedoui
• Misirlou
• Riding Alone
• Erev Shel Shoshanim

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cherries on top

The Cherries on Top

The Cherries on Top was formed in the beginning of 2009. It consists Kimberly Hawkey (Soprano) Amelie Cherubin (Alto) and Cyrille Aimee (Tenor)

Led by the musical director and Pianist Assaf Gleizner, the Cherries have a wide variety of repertoire, from Musical Theater, to French Chansons, Jazz standards and Rock tunes.

• Change the World
• I've Never Been in Love Before.mp3
• Learning How to Fly

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cyrille aimee and the surreal band

Cyrille and the Surreal Band

Jazz vocalist Cyrille Aimée has a culturally rich background Dominican and French Gypsy. Along with “The Surreal Band”, Cyrille is now performing at the hottest Jazz Clubs in New York, including: Birdland, Dizzy’s Coca Cola Club, Smalls and more.

Cyrille Aimée: vocals
Matt Simons: tenor sax and vocals
Wayne Tucker: trumpet
Assaf Gleizner: piano
Sam Anning: bass
Mal Stein: drums
Roseann Baker and Katrina Cunningham: dance

• I’ll Remember April
• Que Pasa
• This Can't Be Love

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shmack attack

Shmack Attack

Cosmic Girl (Play)
Don't You Worry About a Thing (Play)
Play That Funky Music (Play)
1998 Degrees

1998 Degrees

Baby When the Lights (Play)
Give Me One Reason (Play)
Waiting For Tonight (Play)

Cyrille Aimee

Cyrille Aimee

A Night in Tunisia (Play)
I'll Remember April (Play)
Que Pasa (Play)
This Cant Be Love (Play)

trio shalva

Trio Shalva

Shir Ahava Bedoui (Play)
Misirlou (Play)
Riding Alone (Play)
Erev Shel Shoshanim (Play)
Cherries on Top

Cherries on Top

Change the World (Play)
I've Never Been in Love Before (Play)
Learning How to Fly (Play)

Live at Smalls

Live at Smalls

Darn That Dream (Play)
A Night in Tunisia (Play)
Golden Shoes (Play)

Trio Shalva

  • Trio Shalva 1348
  • Trio Shalva Hayadata Et Haderech
  • Trio Shalva Kvar Avru HaShanim
  • Trio Shalva Misirlou
  • Trio Shalva Riding Alone
  • Trio Shalva Shir Ahava Bedoui
  • Trio Shalva Sova
  • Trio Shalva Vertigo
  • Trio Shalva Sova
  • Trio Shalva Bedouin Love Song
  • Trio Shalva Caravan
  • Trio Shalva Isabella

Cherries on Top

  • Cherries on Top Bewitched
  • Cherries on Top I've Never Been In Love Before
  • Cherries on Top Night and Day

Shmack Attack

  • Shmack Attack

1998 Degrees

  • Shmack Attack

On Trio Shalva

“These seasoned jazz musicians can be downright serene and mellow, lulling listeners into a trance, but they’re experts at dynamics and can bring songs from a simmer to a boil in an organic build up that can be jarring in its effortlessness.” “Due perhaps to their common heritage, they gel well, handing off parts and solos seamlessly. Their lush ensemble sound is greater than the sum of its parts and they kept their endings tight.”

~Marc Ferris - {Read the full review}

“[Assaf Gleizner’s] playing is virtuoistic when it needs to be, simple and sparse when that is appropriate…”

“…The musicianship shown by this group is outstanding.”

“…Gleizner plays clean and with clarity, he seems to know exactly where he is going. His solos are logical and make sense. He goes "outside" just enough to make me pay attention and want keep listening closely so I can see where it all winds up…”

“…Riding Alone is good, solid, highly listenable album that will satisfy both the hard core jazz buff and the casual listener…”

“…I hope these guys achieve both the artistic and commercial success they deserve….”

~ Scott Rowe -

“…The trio works as a close-knit unit with a lot of mutual respect, listening and complimenting each other. The approach is basically mellow, with emphasis on melody, but the improvisations are interesting and the level of musicianship excellent at all times. Most importantly they manage to avoid being trivial, which is always the greatest danger, when playing standards.”

“The album is appealing both to relatively inexperienced Jazz listeners, who can follow the melodic lines, and the connoisseurs, who can enjoy the sophisticated arrangement and the intricate tricks of the trade.”

“Warmly recommended!”

~ Adam Baruch – {Read the full review}

“…Trio Shalva values talking with, never over, each other…”

“Trio Shalva also displays an affinity for Middle Eastern sound…” “…On “Misirlou,” the trio embraces tango and Latin music. Trio Shalva’s performance on this track… begins as a waltz with Gleizner’s “Bolero”-type playing before everyone builds in momentum where his Latin jazz-flavored solo is propelled by Zelniker’s shifting, speedier accompaniment. As the solo continues building, the trio shows how they can also flat-out swing when needed.”

“…For the closer, “Erev Shel Shoshanim,” everyone abandons their main axes. Gleizner plays melodica, Hayon plays nylon string guitar and Zelniker plays frame drum…With this track, a story played by the trio and imagined by the listener unfolds the way they would individually envision it.”

~ Corey Hall - {Read the full review}

On 7 Fingers Cabaret 2011

“…Cyrille-Aimee... along with pianist Assaf Gleizner, holds the show together with impressive original jazz, rock, and pop numbers, along with two arrangements by Thierry Angers.”

~ Amie Watson – {Read full review}

Assaf is available to teach piano lessons, accompany, arrange and compose. Use this page to contact him, join his mailing list or just say “Hi"